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Сообщение  sasos в Вс Янв 31, 2010 4:13 am

Gravy Train - (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man

Gravy Train 210164

Year: 1971
Genre: progressive rock

Gravy Train 235767
Gravy Train 223479

01. Alone in Georgia (4:35)
02. (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man (7:06)
03. Jule's Delight (6:58)
04. Messenger (5:58)
05. Can Anybody Hear Me (2:59)
06. Old Tin Box (4:45)
07. Won't Talk About it (3:00)
08. Home Again (3:25)

Gravy Train 219383

Norman Barrett - Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Barry Davenport - Drums & Percussion
J.D Hugues - Flute, Keyboards, Saxophone & Vocals
Les Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals


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Gravy Train Empty Re: Gravy Train

Сообщение  bardens в Вс Янв 31, 2010 3:49 pm

Спасибо, Саня! Обновился... Gravy Train 716394

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Gravy Train Empty Re: Gravy Train

Сообщение  olaf_alien в Вс Янв 31, 2010 6:09 pm

bardens пишет:Спасибо, Саня! Обновился... Gravy Train 716394
Спасибо!! Я - тоже Gravy Train 845794

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Сообщение  fovit в Сб Апр 17, 2010 3:49 am

Starcase To The Day, 1974 [2007, Repertoire]

Gravy Train Mvstaircasetotheday112

Artist: Gravy Train
Album: Starcase To The Day
Year: 1974
Label: Repertoire Rec., 2007
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Heavy Prog
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG
Size: 465 Mb
Source: my CD collection

Review by Bob McBeath (

Although Gravy Train's career was all too brief, they still managed to switch labels midway through, resulting in two albums for Vertigo and two for Dawn Records. Strength of a dream is taken from their time with Dawn, thus consisting of the albums Second birth and Staircase to the day in their entirety, plus a number of non album A and B sides. As a pleasing bonus, we also get six tracks recorded for the band's unreleased 5th album. The epithet Anthology is therefore somewhat misleading, as there is nothing at all here from the band's first two albums.

The first of the albums included here, Second birth is much maligned in terms of the band's overall catalogue. When compared to their finest works, this is understandable, but heard in isolation it still contains some fine heavy prog songs with ambitious arrangements.

The bonus tracks on the first disc from around the same period consist of a couple of single B sides, including the now apply named Sanctuary (the label releasing this compilation), and the also appropriately titled A-side Climb aboard the gravy train. The latter two songs were actually the band's final release, coming after the Staircase to the day album. While the eponymous A-side has clear commercial potential it failed to chart, perhaps because of the derivative nature of the sound.

The band's final album Staircase to the day occupies the second CD. This was in the eyes of many the band's finest hour, the album having a confidence to it deserving of far greater success than it achieved. Given the adverse circumstances surrounding its recording, including the theft of all the band's equipment, it is a credit to all involved that they managed to hold it together long enough to complete such a fine album.

The bonus tracks on this disc are the aforementioned recordings for the band's abortive fifth album, including two very different versions of Playing in the city. That particular song would later form the title track of an album released under the name of the Norman Barratt band. As a whole, the tracks are lighter than on the two albums covered by this compilation, the objective apparently being to finally secure commercial success. The final track is a rare cover by the band of Free's The stealer.

Overall, this is a superb way to obtain Gravy Train's third and fourth albums, together with some interesting if largely non-essential bonus tracks. The re-mastering brings out the fine arrangements well, while retaining the of-its time nature of the music.

Gravy Train Mvstaircasetotheday1314

1. Starbright Starlight (4:27)
2. Bring My Life On Back To Me (5:44)
3. Never Wanted You (4:00)
4. Staircase To The Day (7:29)
5. Going For A Quick One (5:14)
6. The Last Day (5:35)
7. Evening Of My Life (2:59)
8. Busted In Schenectady (8:11)
Bonus Tracks:
9. Starbright Starlight (Single A-Sides (UK) Dawn DNS 1058, 1974) (4:13)
10. Good Time Thing (Single B-Sides (UK) Dawn DNS 1058, 1974) (4:15)
11. Climb Aboard The Gravy Train (Single A-Sides (UK) Dawn DNS 1115, 1975) (3:08)
12. Sanctuary (Single B-Sides (UK) Dawn DNS 1115, 1975) (4:02)

Norman Barrett - guitar, vocals
George Lynon - guitar
Barry Davenport - drums
Lester Williams - bass, vocals
J.D. Hughes - keyboards, vocals, flute, saxes
Mary Zinovieff - keyboards, violin
Peter Solley - keyboards, vocals
Jim Frank - drums
PP Arnold, Faye Doris, Bobby Harrison - backing vocals
Vic Smith - cowbell

Releases information:
LP Dawn 1 (1974)
CD Castle NEM613 (1994)
LP Get Back 620 (2002)
CD Repertoire 4133 (2002)
CD Repertoire REPUK 1089 (2007)

Gravy Train Mvstaircasetothedaycd

RapidShare: gt_std.part1.rar gt_std.part2.rar gt_std.part3.rar gt_std.part4.rar gt_std.part5.rar


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Gravy Train Empty Re: Gravy Train

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