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Gypsy - Brenda And The Rattlesnake

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Year: 1972
Compilation: 2010
Genre: rock

..Gypsy... 212762

The second album by the UK band who, soundwise, owed a great deal to West Coast US bands and in particular Moby Grape. This record dates from 1972 and retains the melodic country rock sound of the debut album but features a slicker production and some nice pedal steel guitar work.

01. Brand New Car
02. Midnight Fighter
03. Who's Cheating
04. Without You
05. Change Your Mind
06. Shame Shame
07. Let's Roll
08. You Know Better Than Me
09. Universe
10. Comes A Time

..Gypsy... 198426

Ray Martinez: guitars & vocals
John Knapp: guitars & vocals
Rob Pizer: guitars & vocals
Dave McCarthy: bass & vocals
Moth Smith: drums


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