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The Artwoods - Jazz In Jeans

The Artwoods 403140

Year: 1966
Compilation: 2010
Genre: rock

01. These Boots Are Made For Walking
02. A Taste OF Honey
03. Our Man Flint
04. Routine

Bonus tracks:
05. Goodbye Sisters
06. She Knows What I Want
07. I Take What I What
08. I’m Looking For A Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots
09. I Feel Good
10. Molly Anderson’s Cookery Book
11. What Shall I Do
12. In The Deep End
13. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
14. Al’s Party
15. These Boots are made For Walking
16. A Taste Of Honey
17. Our man Flint
18. Routine

The Artwoods 398020

Arthur Wood- vocals
Derek Griffiths - guitar
Jon Lord - keyboards
Malcolm Pool - bass guitar
Keef Hartley - drums


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