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Сообщение  fovit в Сб Май 01, 2010 4:08 am

I Drive, 1972 [Second Battle, 2004]

I Drive..... Dpidrive112

Artist: I Drive
Album: I Drive
Year: 1972
Label: Second battle, 2004
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Krautrock, heavy prog, hard rock
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 312+234+60 Mb
Source: my CD collection

A British band, who essentially became part of the German scene, featuring in their early days future Twenty Sixty Six And Then and Kin Ping Meh vocalist Geff Harrison. Basically a straight hard-rock band, with a few more progressive and classical rock touches courtesy of the keyboard player. To be honest, they weren't so interesting from the viewpoint of a Krautrock fan, and only of historical note really.

(The Crack in the Cosmic Egg)

This band is very obviously influenced heavily by Deep Purple, particularly from the "Deep Purple in Rock" era. The organ player copies Jon Lord's EXACT tones, and the guitarist uses Ritchie Blackmore's loud, heavy style. Unfortunately, the guitar isn't as dominant in this band as it is in Deep Purple, so the organ player ends up with all the attention. The best/heaviest songs are the ones with the loudest guitar riffs, namely "Down, Down, Down", "Looking Out My Window", and "Before the Devil" (coincidentally all on side A). But if you're a Jon Lord fan, I think you'll love this album.

The bonus tracks consist mostly of very poor demo tracks with very few memorable moments, one of which is a painfully short, yet infinitely familiar bolero near the end of "everything in vain" (I can't figure it out, but I'm leaning towards Deep Purple's "April"). The single from 1969 stands out from the rest of this album, because you can hear what they sounded like before they began worshipping Deep Purple. Even back then, their sound wasn't original in the slightest. It's a psychedelic cover of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby", but mixed with classical influences (especially Beethoven) in a very experimental way. This may sound like an original idea to some, but this also happens to be the same exact theme used by Vanilla Fudge from their 1968 album "The Beat Goes On" back when they were still essentially a Beatles cover band.

I Drive..... Dpidrive

Line up:

David Charles Bailey - drums
Leslie Graham - bass
Richard Henry Hampson - guitar, vocals
John Barry Smith - keyboards, vocals

Songs / Tracks Listing:

Disc One: "I Dive"
1. Down, Down, Down (4:38)
2. Oo, Bopajero (3:24)
3. Looking Out My Window (3:46)
4. Marry a Musician (3:12)
5. Before the Devil (3:32)
6. Christine (5:03)
7. Onely the Lonely (4:28)
8. What a Pity (3:44)
9. Just a Little Bit (3:44)
10. Be the One (3:02)
11. Brave New World (6:21)

Disc Two: "Demo Tracks"
1. I Need a Friend (3:59)
2. When Evening Comes (4:14)
3. It Ain't so Bad (3:04)
4. Looking Out My Window (4:01)
5. Everything in Vain (3:13)
6. Happy Days (2:46)
7. Turmoil (3:46)
8. Before the Devil (4:00)
9. Classic Rigby, Part 1 & 2 (6:09)

Release information:
Vinyl LP Metronome MLP 15420
CD Second Battle SB 065
LP Second Battle SB LP 070
CD Little Wing LW 2061 RP12
CD Little Wing LW 2024/25


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Сообщение  hiped в Сб Май 01, 2010 7:57 pm

Classic Rigby - шедеврально была сделана, хотя и не основным составом!
Олег, спасибо!

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I Drive..... Empty Re: I Drive.....

Сообщение  altep в Пн Май 03, 2010 6:26 pm

I Drive..... 258926

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I Drive..... Empty Re: I Drive.....

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