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Artist: Rumplestiltskin
Country: UK
Album: Rumplestiltskin + Black Magician
Year: 1970/1971 (reissue - Walhalla, 2006)
Label: Bell SBLL, Bellaphon
Style: Rock
Genre: heavy, blues
Format: FLAC(separate)+CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 474 mb
Source: My CD collection

This great band was comprised of some of the best musicians in the UK at the time, although, probably for contractual reasons, they weren't allowed to use their real names. Bassist Herbie Flowers and guitarist Alan Parker were the main characters in this hard rock band, as was vocalist Peter Lee Stirling, who'd been in Hungry Wolf. They released two fairly rare albums in the early seventies and split, with the various members getting involved with the likes of Donovan, Sky, Lou Reed and Marianne Faithfull. Both albums were released on CD by Repertoire Records a number of years ago and are certainly worth checking out.

Rumplestiltskin was created by American producer Shel Talmy, his intent was to create a supergroup from highly respected, seasoned session man (including Clem Cattini and Peter Lee Stirling) to rival the rock monoliths of the day.

A uniquely talented British heavy rock band, Rumplestiltskin was the brainchild of American producer Shel Talmy. It was his idea to form a ‘supergroup’ that might rival the highly successful outfits that dominated the early Seventies, such as Status Quo and Led Zeppelin.
Instead of picking young, untried rockers, Talmy brought together highly experienced professional session men. Among them was drummer Clem Cattini.
Although ‘Rumplestiltskin’ wasn’t a hit, it was nevertheless a serious project, as can be heard on the eight powerful tracks on their classy album, first released in 1970. The band also featured singer Peter Lee Stirling, who later scored a hit single with ‘Beautiful Sunday’ under the name of Daniel Boone.

The first album is good bluesy rock with longish organ and guitar solos but nothing particularly progressive about it. Black Magician was released on Bellaphon, the same label as Nektar. (

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1970 Rumplestiltskin - Rumplestiltskin

Make Me Make You
Poor Billy Brown
Knock On My Door
No One To Turn To
Mr. Joe (Witness For The Defence)
Pate De Fois Gras
Squadron Leader Johnson

1971 Rumplestiltskin - Black Magician

Lord Of The Heaven And The Earth
Can’t You Feel It
Evil Woman
I Am The Last Man
Lonliness Is What My Life’s All About
Through My Looking Glass
Black Magician’s Daughter
I’m So Afraid I’ll Leave Unsaid
I’m Alone
I’ve Had Enough Of The Army

Last line-up
Clem Cattini : Drums ex-The Tornados, ex-The Birds, ex-Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex-The Jeff Beck Group, ex-Hungry Wolf, ex-Ugly Custard
Daniel Boone (aka Peter Lee Stirling, Peter Charles Greene) : Vocals Daniel Boone, ex-The Bruisers, ex-Hungry Wolf
Herbie Flowers : Bass ex-Blue Mink, ex-C.C.S., Panhandle, T. Rex, Sky
Alan Hawkshaw : Keyboard ex-Emile Ford (and The Checkmates), ex-The Mohawks, ex-The Shadows, ex-Hungry Wolf, Fancy
Alan Parker : Guitar ex-Blue Mink, ex-C.C.S., ex-Hungry Wolf, ex-Ugly Custard


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Rumplestiltskin Empty Re: Rumplestiltskin

Сообщение  sasos в Вт Июн 29, 2010 9:46 pm

Знаю, есть, брал когда-то у кого - то, возьму ещё раз для сравнения, очень по душе! Спасибо!!!!

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Rumplestiltskin Empty Re: Rumplestiltskin

Сообщение  hiped в Вт Июн 29, 2010 11:41 pm

А это, оказывается, главный хит Дэна Буна и наших Поющих Гитар!