Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005

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Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005 Empty Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005

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Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005 626c88a57a76

Artist: Love Affair
Country: UK
Album: "EverlastingLove Affair"
Year: 1968/2005
Label: Repertoire Records RES 2312
Style: Rock
Format: APE CUE Log cover 3%

Love Affair created a sensation with their 1968 smash hit ‘Everlasting Love’. The song topped the UK charts and the group’s lead singer Steve Ellis became a teenage idol. His powerful and emotive voice was perfectly displayed on the orchestrated single that shot him to fame. Although hailed as a pop star, he had grown up working with R&B bands and could sing everything from bluesy ballads to soulful standards. His impressive range and confident style is displayed on this excellent 15-track debut album, first released as ‘Everlasting Love’ in 1968. It comprises the debut hit single, as well as impressive versions of Cat Steven’s ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’ and Michael D’Abo’s classic ‘Handbags & Gladrags’. The band’s later chart hits, ‘Rainbow Valley’ and ‘A Day Without Love’, are also included. Steve Ellis tells the remarkable story of Love Affair in an exclusive interview for the informative liner notes. Together with nine bonus tracks - including rare A and B-sides spanning 1967 to 1969, plus a rare Italian language version of the hit single ‘A Day Without Love’ - this CD is a musical love affair to savour.


1.Everlasting Love 03:02
2.Hush 03:40
3.60 Minutes (Of Your Love) 03:38
4.Could I Be Dreaming 03:20
5.First Cut Is The Deepest 03:23
6.So Sorry 03:11
7.Once Upon A Season 04:01
8.Rainbow Valley 03:50
9.A Day Without Love 03:13
10.Tobacco Road 03:54
11.The Tree 02:47
12.Handbags & Gladrags 03:52
13.Build To Love 02:30
14.Please Stay 04:16
15.Tale Of Two Bitters 02:35
16.Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday 02:56
17.Some Like Me 03:23
18.I`m Happy 02:19
19.One Road 03:11
20.Let Me Know 02:31
21.Binging On Back The Good Times 03:24
22.Another Day 04:13
23.Un Giorno Senza Amore (A Day Without Love - Italian Version) 03:12


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Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005 Empty Re: Love Affair - EVERLASTING LOVE AFFAIR - 1968/2005

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