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Tir Na Nog..

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Tir Na Nog - Strong In The Sun.1973

Genre: prog folk
Source: rutracker.org
Format: Lossless (FLAC+CUE+LOG+COVER)

01. Free Ride
02. Whitestone Bridge
03. Teesside
04. Cinema
05. Strong In The Sun
06. The Wind Was High
07. In The Morning
08. Love Lost
09. Most Magical
10. Fall Of Day

TÍR NA NÓG are an Irish folk band consisting of multi-instrumentalists Sonny Condell and Leo O'Kelly. The band was active from 1969 through 1974, and has resurfaced occasionally to perform or reissue material since 1985. TÍR NA NÓG have been cited among the earliest progressive folk bands from Europe, along with the likes of the INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, JOHN MARTYN, DR. STRANGELY STRANGE and THE WAY WE LIVE (aka TRACTOR).
The band was known for detailed and complex instrumental arrangements, and toured throughout Europe and internationally during their brief career, although no live material would be formally released until years after the group disbanded.
Both members have enjoyed solo careers in the band's intervening years, while Condell would form a second group, the traditional Irish folk band SCULLION in 1979.
TÍR NA NÓG are seminal among the first-generation progressive folk bands of Europe, and as such are a logical candidate for inclusion in the Progarchives.(www.progarchives.com)

- Sonny Condell / vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pottery drums, jew's harp
- Leo O'Kelly / vocals, acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar, dulcimer, violin
- Matthew Fisher / keyboards, production
- Brian Odgers, Dave Markee, Jim Ryan / bass
- Barry De Souza, Ace Follington, Jeff Jones / drums

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