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Сообщение  fovit в Вс Окт 31, 2010 2:46 pm

Hugues Chantraine, BELGIUM, progarchives.com

RAW MATERIAL is a British band that released two albums in the ealy 70's that are now highly collectible. The group consist of your standard prog quartet plus frontman Mike Fletcher on wind instruments. They developped a slighly jazz-tinged progressive rock so typical of that era and their debut album had some great moments (the longer tracks on side1) but was also partially flawed but ends in a bizarre poem recitation to string arrangements. Most progheads will prefer the much more even Time Is.. Rare album that appeared on the RCA prog label called Neon records. This album (with the line-up augmented by a second guitarist Harewood) was much more 70's-sounding and left loads of space for instrument interplay and hold many fine moments that every proghead looking for rare late proto-prog should investigate.

Both albums have gotten a few Cd re-issues but beware of some approximate versions as some are giving strange info. The debut even came out with a spanish pop cover.

Raw Material, 1970 [Background Rec., 1993]

Raw Material Raw_ma10

Artist: Raw Material
Album: Raw Material
Year: 1970
Label: Background Records, 2003
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Proto-prog
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 261 Mb
Source: my CD collection

Raw Material Raw_ma11

Line-up / Musicians:
Colin Catt - vocals, keyboards
Mick Fletcher - sax, flute, harp, vocals
Dave Green - guitar
Phil Gunn - bass
Paul Young - percussion

Songs / Tracks Listing:
1. Time And Illusion (7:31)
2. I'd Be Delighted (5:07)
3. Fighting Cock (3:49)
4. Pear On A Apple Tree (3:00)
5. Future Recollections (3:55)
6. Traveller Man (6:14)
7. Destruction Of America (2:21)

Bonus Tracks (Non-LP Track):
8. Time And Illusion (Different Version) (3:11)
9. Hi There Halleluja (2:46)
10. Bobo's Party (3:13)
11. Days Of Fighting Cock (Different Version) (3:08)

Release information:
LP Evolution Z-1006 (1970, UK)
LP Vogue LDVS 17236 (1971, DE)
LP CBS 64348 (1971, IT)
LP ZEL TZS 4015 (1971, SPA)
LP Wah Wah LPS007 (2001, SPA)
LP Akarma AK 249 (2003, IT)
CD Background HBG 123/2 (1993, UK)
CD Akarma AK 249 (2003, IT)

Raw Material Raw_ma12



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Сообщение  kirill-purple в Вс Окт 31, 2010 3:24 pm

Классный альбом.
Есть акармовское издание,но там без бонусов.Поэтому надо забирать. Raw Material 258926

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Сообщение  sasos в Вс Окт 31, 2010 3:32 pm

До этого момента слышал только 1971 Time Is, и вот теперь первый альбом, заглавный трек вообще уносит в далёкие дали, огромное спасибо!

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Сообщение  hiped в Вс Окт 31, 2010 3:36 pm

Заберу! Спасибо, Олег!
До этого как-то не отложился Материал - буду вслушиваться!
Raw Material 867640

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Raw Material Empty Re: Raw Material

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