Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

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Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  kirill-purple в Пн Мар 14, 2011 7:54 am

Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

I didn’t know really what to do after Freedom broke up, and I was approached by my management to do a solo album. So I thought, "Okay, I got all these songs floating about." I decided also that I could pick and choose all these musicians.

The material had basically been written for Freedom, but at that time I had started to go in a different direction. I wanted to get away from straight R&B and more into mixing the R&B with funk. Funk was happening then with THE AVERAGE WHITE BAND, WAR, REDBONE and LITTLE FEET.

Our management was really into the end product. They were actually looking for a new band to surround me. So when I got more close to Micky Moody, who played guitar on the record, we decided that we’d start a band together, which we did and that became Snafu.

One of the most important things that happened during that album was that Micky and I started writing together. We wrote the opening track, Long Gone, and that was also later a Snafu single. The version we did on Funkist has wonderful feel, and it features Matthew Fisher, Micky Moody, myself playing drums and Chrissie Stewart on bass. I really like that track, it’s so "spaced out" for want of a better term) it’s so laid-back. The Snafu version was much more matured, but the early one has a very special feel about it.

Bringing together a bunch of top quality players like the ones I had on this album can work out very well, but it can also be a total disaster. I was very lucky it worked well. We worked at some very famous studios too, mainly at Olympic No 1, but a few tracks were also done at Trident and Morgan. I remember clearly doing the tracks with Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath at Morgan.

It was all ready to go. The management thought it was such a good product and also they got a whisper that Micky and I wanted to get a band together from this album. They went with the band idea, and they thought, "Well, we’ll shelve this album for a while and concentrate more on Snafu." That’s why Long Gone became a single. And after Snafu got going for a couple of years they thought this would probably boost me as a solo artist and they finally released it.

Long Gone is perhaps my favourite track on the entire album. I wrote the lyric for it, and it’s all about going on tour. It’s one of those rock ‘n’ roll tour songs I suppose.

They only got a deal for the LP with Capitol Records in the States. So it was released there and nowhere else. But apparently it got to No 76 in the Billboard charts and it is now a very popular album with collectors.

Did I ever receive any money for it? You’re joking! If it got to No 76 in Billboard it must have earned a few bob, but I’ve never seen anything.

Furthermore, having done an album and feeling it has all gone fine and you’ve got all these fantastic players, but then the management decide not to put it out! I didn’t like that at all either. That really hurt. But then again I was promised that it would come out, so I had something to look forward to, and I thought that all the work I had done with Snafu would help that album. That’s the way I saw it.

In the early eighties, after Snafu had folded, Bobby decided to move to Iceland. There he got involved with many musical activities and also teamed up with local supergroup MEZZOFORTE. With this group he recorded the wonderful Solid Silver album, a collection of R&B classics displaying his excellent abilities as a singer.

Today, Harrison is back in Britain. He is as active as ever, with a singing voice that is continually growing in strength.


Страна: UK
Жанр: Rock/Funk/Prog related
Информация о релизе:LP 1975 Capitol / CD 2000 Angel Air Records (SJPCD056)
Формат: Flac (image+cue+log+scans)
Продолжительность: 34:52
Размер архива: 243mb(+5%recover)
Источник: my CD

Track Listing:
1 Cleopatra Jones (Joe Simon)
2 Whiskey Head (Harrison/Monaghan)
3 Thinkin' Bout You (Harrison/Monaghan)
4 King Of The Night (Harrison/Sargeant)
5 Little Linda Lovejoy (Harrison/Sargeant)
6 Spotlight (Goffin/Goldberg)
7 Long Gone (Harrison/Moody)
8 Looking For A Friend (Harrison/Sargeant)

The Band:
Bobby Harrison - voice,drums
Ian Paice, Clem Cattini, Henry McCulloch - drums
Micky Moody, Tony Iommi - guitar
Matthew Fisher, Bob Sargeant - keyboards
Chris Stewart, Walt Monogham, Herbie Flowers - bass
Ray Owen - voice

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Harrison, Bobby / Funkist

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Re: Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  olaf_alien в Вт Мар 15, 2011 2:43 am

На Энджел Эйре - класс! Спасибо!! Альбом с заездом в соул. Кости старые, а ноги сами приплясывают. Эх, где моя молодость... 2

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Re: Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  Музфан в Вт Мар 15, 2011 2:58 am

Bobby Harrison – Funkist
«Тяжёленькое», «накатистое» начало «Cleopatra Jones», где «царствует» и ведёт бас, уже неплохо для коренного лондонца, в то время 36-ти летнего Bobby. В композиции «Whiskey Head» уже в «лидерах» ударные, т.е. остальные инструменты только следуют за ними. Может быть, как бывший король «ударных» в Procol Harum, он все таки тяготел к ним, т.е. отдавал им предпочтение, хотя уже перешел на гитару и встал у микрофона, но это уже в другой команде - Freedom. Композиция «Thinin' Bout You» с оттенком стиля исполнения Slade. Что и не мудрено. Ведь в составе новой команды Snafu, последующей за Freedom, Bobby приходилось неоднократно встречаться и выступать на одних подмостках с командой Slade. «King Of The night» также тяжеленькая, как первая композиция, но здесь новые ощущения от гитарных риффов и циклически повторяющихся низких звуков. «Little Linda Love Joy» исполнена чудесно, музыкальная тяжесть просто приводит в хаос биологическое состояние и настроение организма.))) А вот композиция «Spotlight» немного «подкачала». Даже не знаю как быть. В исполнении мною многоуважаемого Rod Stewart «It's Not The Spotlight», мне кажется, звучит как-то более….нежнее что ли, или более проникновенно, так сказать, хотя Bobby Harrison здесь тоже постарался.
Но зато уже в «Long Gone» Bobby Harrison отыгрался вполне. Вот здесь он уже дал, так дал. Здесь всё. И сильные ударные, и затяжное соло, и вокал с надрывом. Наверняка всё же знал, что Игорь даст мне возможность её прослушать. ))) И на последок прекрасная композиция «Looking For A Friend», исполненная в лирической манере, с предельно ровной и гармоничной мелодией.
Общее: Хотя Bobby Harrison и «метался» между сольной карьерой и новой своей группой Snafu, представленная сольная работа, не менее успешна. И, конечно же, заслуживает нашего пристального внимания. Композиции полны выражения, разносторонние, т.е, как говорится, не свалены в одну кучу. Вот даже "старичка " Оlaf alien пытались запустить в "пляс")))

Спасибо, Игорь, за релиз.

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Re: Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  olaf_alien в Вт Мар 15, 2011 3:21 am

Хе. На плацу я еще молодым могу фору дать. Вы не представляете, какой кайф, кагда музыканты ранним утром играют только для нас - двоих. Молодежь столько не держит, да и пива столько - тоже!

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Re: Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  Музфан в Вт Мар 15, 2011 3:23 am

))).Есть порох в "пороховнице".

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Re: Bobby Harrison (ex-Procol Harum,Freedom,Snafu) - Funkist 1975

Сообщение  Спонсируемый контент

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