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Love Affair - 1970 Empty Love Affair - 1970

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Artist: Love Affair
Country: UK
Album: "New Day"
Year: 1970
Label: Repertoire Records RES 2313
Style: Rock
Format: APE CUE Log cover 3%

When Love Affair hit the charts in 1968 with ‘Everlasting Love’, it was the start of a hectic career. The debut single went straight to Number One in the UK, and was a hit all over Europe. Yet, by their time second album ‘New Day’ was released in 1970, the group had undergone drastic change.
Eighteen-year-old singer Steve Ellis had quit to go solo in October 1969 and was replaced by talented singer/songwriter Gus Eadon. The original LP had ten tracks and the band members eschewed ‘cover’ versions in favour of original material.
Eadon’s Jagger-inspired vocals are well to the fore on such numbers as ‘Goodbye Brother, Farewell Friend’ and ‘Speak of Peace, Sing Of Joy‘. We have added ten bonus tracks, including A & B-sides written for the group by Philip Goodhand-Tait and two further special bonus items, featuring a rare Italian language version of their 1968 hit single ‘Rainbow Valley’.


1. New day
2. Walking Down The Road
3. Ge's Whiz
4. Gypsy
5. Goodbye Brother Farewell Friend
6. Hurt By Love
7. Bad girl
8. Nine To Five
9. Thank You Bean
10. Speak Of Peace, Sing Of Joy
11. Baby I know
12. Accept Me For What I Am
13. Lincoln county
14. Sea Of Tranquility
15. Brings My Whole World Tumbling Down
16. Wake Me I Am Dreaming
17. That's My Home
18. Help (Get me some help)
19. Long Way Home
20. Io Senza Te (Rainbow Valley)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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