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Legend.... Empty Legend....

Сообщение  altep в Вс Дек 27, 2009 6:03 am

Legend "Legend" 1969
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Artist: Legend
Country: UK
Year: 1969
Label: Repertoire Records REP 5066 (3000 limited edition)
Style: Rock
Format: APE CUE Log cover 3%

Singer, pianist and guitar player Mickey Jupp, once known as the ‘white Chuck Berry’ formed his rock’n’roll band Legend in the late 1960s. Based in Southend On Sea, Legend was championed by the late John Peel and beloved of pub rock fans.
This ‘Legend’ album is not to be confused with a subsequent Vertigo release, also called ‘Legend’ (aka ‘The Red Boot’ album). The musicians on the first Legend album, formed in 1969, comprised Mickey Jupp, Chris East (vocals, harmonica), Steve Geere (bass) and Nigel Dunbar (drums).
They recorded this album for Bell Records in one eight hour session, featuring such acoustic blues songs as ‘Natural Gas’, together with driving rockers ‘Doncaster By Pass’ and ‘Twenty Carat Rocker’.
This version of Legend broke up after just one gig, so their album has become a legendary souvenir and a collectors’ item not to be missed.

1.National Gas 03:00
2.Heather On The Hill 02:13
3.Tombstone 02:14
4.Come Back Baby 02:14
5.City 02:13
6.a) Good Boy / b) Groovette 03:20
7.Wouldn't You 02:31
8.Doncaster By-pass 02:00
9.Twenty Carat Rocker 02:00
10.Bartender's Blues 02:30
11.Good Money 02:30
12.Shinding 02:30
3.National Gas (Mono) 03:00
14.Heather On The Hill (Mono) 02:13
15.Tombstone (Mono) 02:14
16.Come Back Baby (Mono) 02:14
17.City (Mono) 02:13
18.a) Good Boy / b) Groovette (Mono) 03:20
19.Wouldn't You (Mono) 02:31
20.Doncaster By-pass (Mono) 02:00
21.Twenty Carat Rocker (Mono) 02:00
22.Bartender's Blues (Mono) 02:30
23.Good Money (Mono) 02:30
4.Shinding (Mono) 02:30
25.National Gas (Single Mix) 3:06
26.Wouldn't You (Single Mix) 02:32
27.Georgia George, Part 1 02:13
28.July 02:53
29.Foxfield Junction 02:55

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
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Legend - "Legend" - 1971
Legend.... B3a85aa3d6201c8a0cf3713cb413dae7
Artist: Legend
Country: UK
Album:Legend aka ‘The Red Boot’
Year: 1971
Label: Repertoire Records REPUK 1064(limited Edition of 2500 copies)
Style: Rock
Format: APE CUE Log cover 3%

Here is a band that is indeed ‘legendary’. It features Mickey Jupp, the singer, guitarist and piano player who pioneered British rock’n’roll in the early Sixties and remained true to the roots of the music. Hailing from Southend On Sea, ‘Juppy’ formed this version of Legend, in 1969. Their album, produced by Tony Visconti for the Vertigo label, was released in 1971. Beloved of pub rock fans and championed by the late DJ John Peel, Legend featured Mickey Jupp alongside Mo Witham (guitar), John Bobin (bass) and Bill Fifield (drums). The album has a dozen original lively compositions, often with an ironic flavour like ‘Cheque Book’ and ‘Hole In My Pocket’. Among four bonus items is ‘Life’, the A- side of a single that was a hit in Italy.

Cross Country
Cheque Book
Lorraine Part 1
Nothing Wrong With Me
Somebody In Love
Goin' To
Anything You Do
My Typewriter
Five Years
Hole In My Pocket
Lorraine Part 2
I Feel Like Sleeping
Life (Bonus Track)
Late Last Night
Don't You Never

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Legend - "Moonshine" - 1972

Legend.... 8fc15c486c4113a80c0cd8fe8e7d035c
Artist: Legend
Country: UK
Year: 1972
Label: Repertoire Records REP 5073(limited Edition of 2500 copies)
Style: Rock
Format: APE CUE Log cover 3%

Mickey Jupp is one of the legendary heroes of the 1970s rock scene. His band Legend was aptly named, as they were born out of the early British rock’n’roll scene and were avowed favourites of the late, influential British D.J. John Peel.
‘Moonshine’ was the third album by the lads, originally released on the Vertigo label in 1972. It nicely blends their homegrown mixture of rock, blues and country. That was the kind of music that inspired ‘Juppy’ when he started his career as a singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter in Southend On Sea. A contemporary of fellow rockers Gary Brooker, Lee Brilleaux and Ian Dury, the singer went through many adventures, which he relates in an exclusive new interview for the informative CD liner notes.
‘Moonshine’ was produced by Tony Visconti and includes 11 Juppy originals, together with two bonus tracks. An enjoyable slice of nostalgia and rockin’ good fun!

Another Guy
Mother Of My Child
Captain Cool
Shine On My Shoes
The Writer Of Songs
Local Folk' Ol
At The Shop
Just Because


Don't You Never

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Legend.... Empty Re: Legend....

Сообщение  bardens в Вт Янв 12, 2010 5:09 pm

Горящий сапожок твой еще у Дорика брал, сейчас послушал третий альбом, очень хорошо...слушать не успеваю, а создавать очередь на прослушку не хочется...Спасибо, Саня...доберемся и до первого! Very Happy

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